Side Bouquet

RM 0.00
Description ❤ Any Additional Rose will be RM 12/each ❤
3 Stalks -> RM 68
6 Stalks -> RM 118
12 Stalks -> RM 188
18 Stalks -> RM 248
24 Stalks -> RM 298
99 Stalks -> RM 1388
No Description


Delivery charges will be based on location, please enquire before purchasing.

Some on-line flower retailers will (and do) offer "free flower delivery", this typically means that the delivery cost has been built into the product price shown. Unfortunately the reality is that the cost of delivery simply comes out of the the amount collected for the flowers, resulting in less flowers being delivered!

Delivery rates are based on location. Deliveries, to the same address, with multiple pieces will be assessed to additional charges.

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